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An excellent fractal generator, written by Frederik Slijkerman, with several unique capabilities. The main one being the ability to work with layers, I´d say. I am also impressed with it´s stability, as I am used to Bryce2, wich usually crashes every time I do some serious editing of materials.


butnzxx.jpgFuzzy Hill 1.jpg



bluetalz.jpgAlien vehicles in curved space...jpg

BlueberryFactory-unit KPL2.jpegCheckby-spectres1-C05-01B.jpeg

Cinemascope Brot Icescape.jpeg

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Pictures in background-design by Damien M. Jones (left)& Janet P. Preslar (right).

All other pictures copy-right © Jörgen Sangsta -99 & -00

If you would like to make a screensaver of any of your collected pictures, you can download a great, free screensaver here. Make shure to try it with effects-setting on!